A downloadable game for Windows

A Hololens experience that allows you to interact with talking characters and fight zombies that transition from the virtual world into our world.

- We used mixamo to create the 3d models
- Salsa lip sync for the character facial acting
- We used the Hololens toolkit and Unity3d to develop for the hololens

The Hololens allows us to use gaze, gestures, voice and spatial recognition in our application to make it feel like zombies are walking through a dimensional rift into our world.

You must battle the zombies to protect our dimension from the infection in the hidden world.

Jon Worthington ~ Programmer
Jim Byer - Programmer, Voice acting
Matt Morey - Character Modeling, Rigging, Game Design, 3D Modeling
Nathan Worthington Character Modeling, Rigging, Game Design, 3D Modeling
Ryan - Sound effects, Music, Zombie Noises

3D Models & Animations

- Free from Mixamo

Facial Animations and lip sync

- Salsa


- Hololens Toolkit

Install instructions

The downloadable file is a zipped visual studio project. You will need to build and deploy it to your Hololens from Visual studio.




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