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My 2017 Utah Indie Game Jam entry.  It started out as just a distraction to keep me awake the 2nd night, but turned into my final entry.  Mainly because I had more fun making it than I had making what was our primary entry.  

Watch very poorly 2D rendered talking heads say not-so-random quotes that are sometimes from famous pacificsts.


Programming and Design: Jon Worthington

- Crazy Minnow - Salsa 2D helped me make the lip sync work


- Fungus helped me with the camera transitions

- I am not an artist, so the art is heavily influence (mostly based on) images I downloaded from google images, and modified for my purposes http://ppcorn.com/us/martin-luther-king-jr-15-things-didnt-know-part-2/


CrazyPacifists.zip 19 MB

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