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A love potion goes terribly wrong turning you into a monster - can you find the ingredients to turn yourself handsome enough and marry the princess?

This is an action adventure game based on the game jam theme:

"You Are What You Eat".  

Play as love struck Jim whose only goal is to woo the princess Cindy, but takes a wrong turn on the way to love and ends up battling a host of monsters to make himself handsome enough to marry his true love.


  • Mouse Steers
  • Hold right mouse button down to move
  • Hold left mouse button down to attack
  • Escape to quit, or skip the first cut scene (Added post game jam)


  • Ctrl+H will restore you to full life
  • Ctrl+Q will give the needed number of items you are collecting

Known Issues:

  • [FIXED] When Jim is turned into a goblin the animations aren't playing (they work in the unity player - but not in the compiled game - we will fix it)
  • [FIXED] Same problem when Jim is turned back into Jim on the last level.  
  • [FIXED] Moving seems to feel sticky in the compiled game, but works in the unity player.  
  • [FIXED] Enemy AI gave up chasing you too soon
  • [FIXED] Ents are too big
  • [FIXED] Its hard to tell which enemy you are attacking - add health bars

After your quest is completed you can run all the way back, or the 'T' key will teleport you home.

What we did and didn't do:

  • All the coding was done by us
  • The idea for the story was ours
  • My 14 year old son Ryan learned how to generate terrains using GAIA (a unity store asset)
  • Ryan also setup the post processing effects on the camera
  • Ryan leaned to create animation controllers
  • Nathan and Ryan worked together to get characters hooked up to the animation controllers and all the components I wrote (like Player, EnemyAI, Health etc.)
  • Enemies are controlled via the Navigation mesh on the terrain.
  • Nathan also did a lot of 3D modelling, and example of that is the tower the Harpies are on at the end of the game.  
  • He did other models, but they didn't make it in the game due to time constraints

What we learned:

  • Gaia can speed up terrain generation and make really good looking terrains in a short time.
  • In our game we are switching characters a lot and have a lot of different enemy npc's.  Because of that we made the decision to wire up our animation controllers all the same way - that way a single script can be used to control all the enemies, and a single player control can be used on all the 3d models used by the player.
  • Fungus is a nice tool that helped create the cut scenes and control the camera tweaning and dialog.
  • Having an interesting story makes you game more fun.
  • Ryan did the voice overs and all the sounds that the creatures make when they attack and die, the sounds really added a lot of fun to the game.

This game jam was fun to make and we where able to create a game that has 5 levels, 5 different enemies, and lets you control 5 different player controllers as Jim gets morphed by the potion.

What could be better:

- The enemy AI is glitchy and could be better.  They can chase, patrol, and attack.  We didn't implement ranged enemies.

- The player controller is missing strafing - mainly because we didn't have a strafe animation, also it would be nice to be able to look around with the mouse, but given the time constraints we kept it simple.


Love Potion5.zip 609 MB

Development log


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Very fun game, I play it in my newest video!

I like your video - thanks for playing our game jam game entry!  I followed you and liked the video.

The walking speed was very slow. I don't know if that was supposed to happen or if it was a bug, but it literally took me almost 10 minutes to reach some of the monsters.

So I fixed the walking speed if you want to try it again.  I had a bug in some of my code that was causing the problem.  Sorry about the issue, it was 48 hour game jam, and the problem didn't show itself in the Unity Editor.


Thanks for playing the game!